October 25, 2022

Congratulations to our Award winners


  • Lazelle Supreme Award $3000 Murray and Denise Lazelle
  • Merit Award $1000
  • Innovation Award $500
  • Article & Money Poppins People’s Choice Award $500 Money Poppins (TBC)

Glass works were selected by three honourable guest judges in recognition of  high skill in the medium of art glass. 

2022 Judges

Grace Lai
Curator of Applied Arts & Design, Tāmaki Paenga Hira Auckland War Memorial Museum

Greg Donson
Curator & Public Programmes Manager, Sarjeant Gallery Te Whare o Rehua Whanganui 

Justine Olsen
Curator of Decorative Art & Design, Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa

Lazelle Supreme Award

Mike Crawford 
Cast glass
h500 x w140 x d170 mm

The Kāhu is a strong, intelligent bird often seen flying over the whenua like a kaitiaki. In Māori tradition it is said that this bird descended from the heavens with Tāne after he obtained ngā kete o te wānanga - the vessels of mātauranga.

Mike Crawford - Kāhu
Mike Crawford - Kāhu

Merit Award

Lisa Bate
The Pack IV
Cast glass
h240 x w130 x d130 mm

The Pack IV continues a series of works exploring repetition, the theme of this work is concerned with expressing movement. My glass practice focuses on the mould making of found objects for the lost wax cast glass technique, using deconstruction and reconstruction methods to change an object’s original appearance. By repeating and assembling the smaller forms to create the whole piece the work asks the viewer to look more closely.

Lisa Bate - The Pack IV
Lisa Bate - The Pack IV

Innovation Award

Vicki Fanning 
Glass Crown
Flame worked glass & silicon
h360 x w360 x d290 mm 

‘fairgroundunicorn’ is a username that suggests a mythical story and playing field of wonder and joy. Depicting the authenticity of imagery ‘designed’ to enlighten the viewer and uphold the deliverer. The Glass Unicorn Crown is placed on a ‘tossing hook’ as a fairground prize, has a flexible inner and inflating valve, catching the carnival spirit!

Vicki Fanning - fairgrounfunicorn

New Zealand Society of Artists in Glass (NZSAG)
Members Show 2022
22 October – 29 January 2023
Sarjeant Gallery 
Te Whare o Rehua Whanganui 
Object Space Gallery (i-site 31 Taupo Quay)

NZSAG Members Show 2022

The NZSAG Members Show 2022 coincides with the International Year of Glass 2022 and celebrates the diversity and range of contemporary art glass practice in Aotearoa New Zealand. NZSAG would like to acknowledge and thank their exhibition partners the Sarjeant Art Gallery and New Zealand Glassworks, the award sponsors, the judges of the awards as well as the participating artists and everyone who has worked behind the scenes to ensure the success of this exhibition.

John Abramczyk, George Agius, Fran Anderton, Sofia Athineou, Karin Barr, Thomas Barter, Lisa Bate, Claire Bell, Nick Blackwood-Reidie, Stephen Bradbourne, Hannah Bremner, Katie Brown, Lindsay Butler, Emma Camden, Christine Cathie, Mike Crawford, Robyn Douglas, Evelyn Dunstan, Vicki Fanning, Rosalind Fitz Patrick, Judith Le Harivel, Sue Hawker, Rebecca Heap, Graeme D Hitchcock, Marcus Ingley, Heather Kremen, Richard Landers, Kim Logue, Susan Louie, Lou Mathieson, Elizabeth McClure, Jenny McLeod, David Murray, Bindi Nimmo, Heather Olesen, Isla Osborne, Lynden Over and Christine Robb, Justine Palmer, Lyndsay Patterson, Linde Rose, Phillip Silverman, Natasha Sim, Carmen Simmonds, Adam Sinclair, Greg Smith, Karen Southey, Roz Speirs, Philip Stokes, Joanne Sullivan, Jennie Swann, Toni Tittleton, Di Tocker, Bruce Tremain, Jo Tricker, Hamish Webster, Shelley Wilkin, Stephen Williams, Campbell Wylie and Ben Young.