May 5, 2021

A New Committee

A massive congratulations to the following (talented!) individuals, our new NZSAG Committee!

Emma Camden - NZSAG President
Emma Camden – NZSAG President

Emma has been working in glass in NZ since 1991. She is the co-owner of Melt45, who are the distributors of Gaffer Glass to Australasia. She is a Full-time glass caster, who lives in Whanganui (the glass city of NZ). Where her and her partner David Murray run their practice from the old masonic. Emma’s work is included in the collections of Te Papa & the Auckland Museum, as well and many others around the world. We are very excited to have Emma leading the team!

Scotty Redding - Secretary
Scotty Redding – Secretary

Scott is the New Zealand Glassworks Manager, who comes with over 18 years’ experience within the art glass sector. He moved back to New Zealand in 2015 after 14 years in Melbourne, where he managed a commercial glass facility and gallery – with a strong community emphasis; this was the only open access studio for other glass artists to hire in Melbourne. During this time, he worked with some of Australia’s leading glass artists. In his role, Scott is responsible for the overall development and operations of the NZG facility, stakeholder engagement and the promotion of New Zealand art glass. Scott has previously been a NZSAG committee member for CoLab 2019 and is looking forward to contributing to the development of NZSAG into the future!

Philip Stokes - Treasurer
Philip Stokes – Treasurer

Philip’s exposure to glass began in the mid 80’s, when he undertook a project in copper foil as part of his matriculation art project. In 1997, he enrolled at Monash University’s undergraduate degree, majoring in hot glass. Graduating with honors in 2001. He established the first privately owned access facility in Melbourne for hot glass and cold work in 2002 & developed his own art practice simultaneously. The studio was situated in three different locations in inner city Melbourne for over 13 years. Him and his husband moved across the ditch in 2016. He now works from New Zealand Glassworks in Whanganui, where he continues to make his own work, mentor students & Gaffer for various artists and designers. There has been much emphasis on supporting the broader Glass community throughout his career and he is looking forward to the opportunity on the NZSAG Committee to further his contribution as treasurer in the next two years!

Lisa Bate - Editor
Lisa Bate – Editor

Lisa’s making practice focuses on kiln cast glass and mixed media, working from her home studio on the North Shore, Auckland. Originally from the UK, where she graduated with honours from BA Contemporary Crafts at Falmouth University in 2010. She later went on to hold position as Senior Technician, completing a Postgraduate Certificate in Creative Higher Education in 2014. Lisa has resided in New Zealand for 7 years now and is delighted to be welcomed as part of the NZSAG committee, to provide support for the glass community members and pursue new directions for NZ glass.

Judith Le Harivel - Committee member
Judith Le Harivel – Committee member

Judith has lived on the Kapiti Coast for more than 25 years ~ originally from the UK. She discovered studio glass in Scotland but it wasn’t until she moved to New Zealand that she had the chance to actually make glass. She attended workshops with different glass artists and learnt basic glass casting and mould making. Since then she has continued to learn through workshops and practice. “I love making things, particularly sculpting. I enjoy using different media to bring alternative perspectives to my work, but glass is my principal medium” She has been making mostly cast glass and pate de verre, for around 7 years. Working from her small home workshop and studio, she divides her time between glass making, gardening and her two energetic grandchildren!

Toni Tittleton - Social Media
Toni Tittleton – Social Media

Toni has been a member of NZSAG since finishing her 3 year glass diploma at Whanganui glass school in 2012. Since then she has continued to upskill, working as a casual studio assistant for some very successful women glass casters, including Ann Robinson. Toni now runs her own glass studio in rural Auckland, is a part-time caster & a full-time manager of two creative retail stores. Her career has not only been about making glass, but she has found a passion for representing and promoting all kinds of New Zealand artists ~ which she “absolutely loves doing”. She is very happy to be part of the committee and is excited to help towards the future of glass art in New Zealand.