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Vicki Fanning


021 575 780

Vicki Fanning

Girl with a Dog in a Bag




380 (mm)


460 (mm)


380 (mm)


Stained Glass with glass blown black sphere, Acrylic plug for positioning and stability.

Artwork Artist Statement

This work is an Abstract Portraiture study, of “Girls” on social media platforms.

Like “Girl with a Pearl Earring”, this is a character study, rather than of a specific person, and documents an online culture that is carefully curated by an individual.

Parallels are drawn from the Dutch word “Tronie” (Girl with a Pearl Earring, being a most famous one), where the focus is not on the individual, but more an informal representation of interesting characters or types, where accessories and surroundings are chosen to emphasize the theatrical ambiance of the “sitter”.

The relationship in using Stained Glass is a direct reference to glass’s inherent qualities. Church-stained glass windows were/are used to display pictorial representation of biblical scripture. Today Glass is in fiberoptics and used in the increasingly evolving world of technology, enabling the digital world to function. Glass is the material of our time. Through this body of work, I continue to develop the narrative, that glass is the material that can hold and deliver a message to the masses.

Girl with a Dog in a Bag