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Jenny Judge

Artist Statement

My late-mother’s button collection inspired me to investigate sewing paraphernalia as a repository for personal stories. An installation with 130 strings attached with over 90 pate-de-verre and kiln cast objects were slowly dripped with paint to create a metaphor for time-passing and capturing shifts in ageing, memories and states of being.


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Judge Jenny

Phase Transition




3050 (mm)


20000 (mm)


310 (mm)


Full-room installation using bullseye glass (kiln-cast and pate de verre) combined with fibre and acrylic paint. Artist is walking through installation to give indication of scale.

Artwork Artist Statement

The installation touches on themes of memory, ageing, and how a small object such as a button can be a receptacle for stories and past events. Kiln-cast and pate de verre sewing paraphernalia attached to strings were slowly covered in paint, changing their form, becoming and shifting into something else, much like how our memories change, transform, or disappear altogether.

Phase Transition Detail
Phase Transition Detail
Phase Transition Detail
Phase Transition WIP
Phase Transition