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George Agius


021 154 4053

George Agius

Tongue Tied




550 (mm)


600 (mm)


600 (mm)


Blown and hot sculpted glass. Waxed Hemp.

Artwork Artist Statement

"Tongue Tied" is a reflective exploration of the intricacies between authenticity and restraint in early intimacy. Poised on the glass pillow are two hot-sculpted glass tongues, bound together by a taut red string. The tongues embody the tension between the desire for genuine expression and the anxiety that can prevent one from being authentic, open and honest.

The distortion of the glass tongues conveys the discomfort that can arise from self-censorship, prompting viewers to confront their own personal communication. It is a fine (red) line that separates, connects, and hinders genuine self-expression amidst psychological and sociocultural pressures.

Tongue Tied