Thomas Barter


7/88 Elizabeth Knox, St. Johns, Auckland, 1072

My current work explores folded paper. I started making paper darts in glass and then quickly started on Origami objects. I find that the thinness of paper and the translucence of glass to be a good fit. These are challenging objects to cast but have an intrinsic look that works when done correctly.

I received my BFA from Humboldt State University in California in Ceramics in 1988. The focus of my practice was making hand made tiles. For 20 years I created and made large scale public artworks for several California cities. During this time I had a studio that I shared with a glass blower and a caster. Although I never made any glass pieces then the idea and intrigue of making glass objects sat in my head as a direction I might like to go in. So when I moved New Zealand in 2004 I took a casting course and started my exploration of the glass object. 
My first works in glass were mostly flat back castings that were similar to my tilework at the time. I however was also interested in how to make some simple 3D forms. Part of my ceramic expertise is mould making so the transition into lost wax casting happened fairly quickly. I now almost exclusively use cast glass as my media of choice. Further to the development of origani objects I am working on a new direction involving the use of a repeated cast glass art deco element that is built into larger glass objects.

My studio is in Auckland New Zealand and I am happy to have visitors and give tours of my premises.

Rangitoto with Sea and Sky
Oragami Boats
Oragami Sail Boats
Paper Planes