Samantha Joy Minnery



Recycling is a passion & I enjoy recreating new sculpture & jewellery from old windows, safety glass and old china. I also use borosilicate glass on the flame working torch to create fluid components as in the sea Anemone, inspired by ocean life. I am a glass artist with my studio in Magical Mangawhai.

Samantha’s affinity with glass is one of resonance. To her it shares similarities running parallel with the presence of spirits energies – translucent subtleties of shimmering gracefulness, simultaneously emanating light with majestic elegance and whimsical playfulness. Samantha has a Bachelor in Design and Visual Arts from Unitec Auckland and in her third year of study Samantha was encouraged to enter the NZSAG Exhibition, held at the TSB Wallace Arts Trust Gallery. She was both surprised and delighted to have her Glass Sculpture ‘Avoid Crash Landings’, selected to become part of Sir James Wallace’s renowned glass collection.

Samantha’s fascination with glass started when she was a child around the age of six, Sam was taken to visit Bill Bestic, a family friend in Gore Bay. Sam still has the image etched firmly in her head, as they walked into his studio she felt her heart light up, as if it was on fire! Sam stood there and gazed in awe at a piece of Bill's work leaning against the window. It was illuminated by the natural light and it glowed, they seemed to glow together. Sam remembers wishing then that when she was old enough, she too could make pieces of such magical beauty.

She was fortunate enough to intern with Te Rongo Kirkwood who's artistic, intuitive and spiritual expression she admires greatly as both mentor and friend. Vicki Fanning has also been a great inspiration to Samantha as a Visiting Industry Professional during her last year at Unitec. Vicki introduced her to flame working - the art of manipulating the glass rod with a flame working torch - a technique that Samantha presently uses when creating the majority of her work

Living in Mangawhai Sam has been inspired by the ocean and all that it holds: sea life, the water’s movement and the peace and clarity it invokes. Her piece ‘Anemone’ was again inspired by Ernst Haeckel - Artist, Biologist and Philosopher, with his majestic drawings of ocean life.
An object appears to have life with fluidity, movement and light.

A great passion of hers is recycling, and Sam uses safety glass and window glass from the 1900s through to the 1970s retro glass to recreate bespoke jewellery pieces, accompanied by sterling silver findings to produce one off pieces. Samantha welcomes commission pieces.

Anemone - Lady Blue
Avoid Crash Landings
Purple Starfire Earrings