Robyn and Andrew Leary




85 River Plate Road, Waikite Valley, RD1, Rotorua, 3077

Andrew and Robyn Leary have been putting dichroic coatings on glass for the last five years. We make some jewelry/art to show off the beautiful colours of our glass.

We have been making kaleidoscopes for over forty years. During this time we began to coat our own front surface, aluminised mirrors for the kaleidoscopes, and also began using dichroic glass in the kaleidoscope chambers. This led to the thought that we could possibly coat our own dichroic glass, as these coatings are also done under hard vacuum.
It took many hours and hours of frustrating experimenting, but, in the end we made good beautiful coatings.
We now coat 96 COE glass of all kinds which we sell via out web page or Trade Me. We have also coated borosilicate glass, float glass and more and more COE 90 glass.
We coat to order.

Black Textured Scrap
Clear Dichroic Glass
Rainbow Dichroic
Window 1
Window 2