Philip Stokes

Play often gets lost in adulthood and yet the benefits of such activity don't stop at a particular age. The activity releases endorphins making us feel happy and stress free.

After over 20 years of developing my skills as a full time glass blower it has been a thrill and pleasure to apply them to works that embody with nostalgia a carefree life and clear optimism.
The immobile glass toy in all its transparency may appear as a memory and reminder of how play has shaped all of us. An iconic toy can trigger or portal you back to a time where we all really lived in the moment and where imagination did run free.
When I am making the Ghost Toy Series in the hot shop studio the space becomes my playground, my tools are my toys and the glass is my very hot play dough. I work with a team of 4 people to create a piece which is assembled by hot joining pre-formed components and hand carving into the viscous material.

I began my career as a glass blower and artist in 1997 when I started my study of hot glass at Monash University Melbourne. I graduated with first class Honours in 2001 and received the Pilchuck Scholarship, The D.W.Rodgers Award and the Drawing Award in recognition of my final work. I owned an independent hot shop and glass studio from 2002 until 2016 which was located in Melbourne, Australia. The open access studio for emerging and established glass artists provided a vibrant environment for creative exchange and dialogue and the business practice won the 2011 North Link Chairmans Special Recognition Award at the Northern Business Achievement Awards 2011. I have been a finalist twice in the prestigious Ranamok Glass Prize and have large scale installation works in public and private spaces internationally including The Four Season Hotel lobby in Hong Kong and various locations in the Asia region. My work is also held in the Australian Art Glass collection in Wagga Wagga, NSW. I am now based in Whanganui, New Zealand, making my work from New Zealand Glassworks as well as a private studio located at Castlecliff Beach.

Big Wheels
Ghost Toy
Blood Lines
Corrosion 2015 Blown black glass and reclaimed furnace AZS liner