Peter Viesnik



I have been a full-time hot glass artist for over forty years in which time I have recently owned my own studios and in the past hired time in other studios all around the north island.

I have attended many workshops with various masters and participated in conferences both in NZ and overseas. For the past nine years, I have been making Remembrance Spheres and Touch Stones, which now occupy most of my part-time production, but I still find the time to make paperweights and tumblers which I supply to selected galleries and for occasional exhibitions.

Colour Blend Tumblers
Dark Cane Papeweight
Concealed Colours Bowls
Swirled Dichroic Canes Disc Paperweight
Cerulean Dichroic Engraved Spirals Paperweight
Remembrance Spheres
Comet Colour Blend Vase