Linde Rose




Pt Chevalier, Auckland

I love to experiment with the way the dance of light brings glass to life, creates feelings of wonder and magic and evokes images of ethereal worlds. I especially like the way glass can be both ephemeral and permanent, transparent and solid. In my studio, I often imagine myself as an alchemist trying to metamorphose lead into gold, with fire.

I have dabbled in many forms of art over the years, especially photoshop and 3-D collage. I have also done many glass art courses and, now that I am "re-wilding" from my previous occupation as a psychotherapist, I am taking up fused glass in a serious way. Recently, I have felt inspired by the crackle technique, which adds natural, unpredictable textures to pieces and I enjoy working with glass powder. I am also entranced by the magical touch of luminescent and dichroic glass.

I have a studio in my home and garage in Pt Chevalier, Auckland.

Rose Ferns
Luminescent plate
Bird Bowl
Blue Flower Bowl
Fire Dish
Green Blue Leaf
Greenberry Bowl
Peach Bowl