Karin Urmersbach-Niersbach

I have always held a deep fascination with glass – the way it shimmers, the colours and how it reflects light. I needed to work with this medium, which brought me to flat art glass.

My drive is to always create something practicable, meaningful, and beautiful - something that touches people’s heart in a subtle, joyful way. I use the copper-foil/ Tiffany technique to create lamps, windows, and mirror glass images. In my lamps I also use small leftover pieces of glass, fused in a small kiln.
The other art form I have chosen is to engrave glass panels. I can see forms in negative shapes. Perhaps it is this, my ‘inverse’ perspective that led to the technique of positive /negative engraving where the image is clear glass and the background rendered opaque through painstakingly engraving millimetre by millimetre. Using an engraving tool like a paint brush and sheets of glass like canvas, I try to create work that is truly unique.
My latest projects are mosaics (indoors and outdoors) inspired by Antoni Gaudi.

Blackbird Gobbling Berries
Enigmatic Onyx Agate Blue I
Enigmatic Onyx Agate Blue II
Orange Tree Flower
Saving Black Robin
To Conquer Mountains ...