Karen Southey



Karen Southey is a glass bead and jewellery maker based in her small home studio in Te Kopuru, Northland.

Karen has been making jewellery for over 14 years and loves it! There has been many different styles and phases in her jewellery journey; simply stringing and securing beads in different patterns, wire wrapping, pearl knotting, bead weaving and then became interested in the concept of making glass beads in 2014.

Karen works mostly with Italian glass (Effetre) and a little bit of American (Double Helix) and also has a bit of fun turning broken antique bottles and glass she finds on her property in Kaipara into fabulous beads and jewellery too!

Bird earrings
Bubble Flower Beads
Bubble flower bracelet
Clarity Bracelet
Jitterbug earrings
Luna earrings
Organic Barrel earrings
Starry Sky Pendant
Upcycled antique bottle earrings