I have always loved making things. I like using different media to bring alternative perspectives to my work, in particular cast glass and ceramics.

A love of natural and organic forms influences my work. My first glass artworks focused on folds - in the folded lands of New Zealand and in clothing. Recently, I have been exploring in glass the human form and the interface between humans and the rest of the animate world. I am attracted to the idea of metamorphosis and its expression in nature deities or spirits and drawn to work that is emotive and imperfect.

Whilst employed I attended numerous glass workshops and master classes, until I returned to art studies at The Learning Connexion and was able to concentrate on making. Glass is currently my principal medium and I have been making glass for around 7 years from my small home studio on the Kapiti Coast.

Jilted Brides
The Folded Lands of Wellington
Folded Lands Vessel
The Handmaid
Gaia Rising