Hamish Webster

Hamish Webster plays with the physical, atmospheric and chemical reactions in glass - mimicking his personal passion of pushing limits through rock climbing, hiking and mountaineering. There is a conversation between the colours which each have their own surface tension, pulling away from each other like oil on water.

Webster uses the vessel to evoke the emotion of vast dramatic landscapes whilst honing in on the micro landscape which makes up the overall feel of that environment. When outdoors he will record small details from stone, moss, coral, wood and use these as a reference when creating textures in his glass work. The organic movement of the hot glass process contrasts with the clean sharp lines achieved in the cold working process. Webster works with hot glass and applies layers of colour from a mixture of rods, frits and powders. When cold working he may alter the shape of the piece and carve into the surface of his vessels creating windows into the work as well as texture and contrast for the interplay of light. After the cold working process some pieces are heated up once more and fire polished to enhance and highlight the carved details. Websters’ work is impressive, unique and collectable.

Hamish Webster was introduced to glass while studying for a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree. His early focus on painting and carving soon evolved into glass art and he enrolled in a Diploma in Glass Production, graduating from the well known Whanganui Glass School (UCOL) in 2010. Webster found he was able to carry his colour approach from painting over to glass. With the addition of transparency and three dimensions he was able to further explore his fascination with colour and light. He continues to be inspired by the intensity of the glass making process, enjoys the team-work and the unspoken language between artists as they work with fire and molten glass.

Epiphyte Under Light
Cutter's 2021
Hyacinth Bowl
Ruby Red Vessel
Epiphyte Under Light
Ruby Orb