Fran Anderton


027 263 7546

Fran is a creator of Glass Art Objects. These may be small functional wares to large sculptural pieces. She uses several processes in her work, including hot blown, casting and Pate de Verre. Careful consideration is taken in the hand-worked finishing of the pieces.

After running a small craft business in Dunedin for a number of years Fran decided it was time to spread her wings. In 2019 she sold her house and moved to Whanganui to devote three years of her life to learn Glass Design and Production.
Graduating with a Diploma was just the start of her journey. Since then she has bought a property, rebuilt a new studio and gallery, attended overseas conferences and imported her own Mini Mobile Glass Furnace. With many ups and downs, with exhibitions and adventures along the way, she is now self sufficient in her practice.
It is obvious when viewing Fran's work that her environment plays a part in her designs. Living by the beach and having a Botanical background is evident in the play of colour, texture and form.
Fran's studio and gallery is regularly open every Wednesday when Fran and her assistant have a glassblowing session, or by appointment.

"The Dream" - Cast Glass with Rimu base
3 Avocado Pears - Blown Glass
"Granny's Apple" - Blown Glass
3 Bottles with stoppers in the Fruit Series - Blown Glass
"South of the Bombay Hills" - Cast Glass
Tamarillo Bottle with Stopper
"Kiwi Totem" - Cast Glass
"Tamarillo on Ice" - Blown and Cast Glass, Assembled
3 Apples in the fruit Series - Blown Glass