Claudia Vitari

Area of Research: projects and use of glass My projects are based on a study of total institutions and institutionalized individuals evoking the confrontation between the story of the person and the institution within societal boundaries, as part and mirror of society itself.

I deliberately select groups that are outside of our everyday gaze. I have been working with inmates in Italy (“PERCORSOGALERA” was realized in 2009 inside Turin's penitentiary), people being hospitalized in mental health structures in Germany ( Melancholie, 2002) and people organizing anti-psychiatric projects in Spain (“Le Città Invisibili” was realised in 2012 in Barcelona in collaboration with “Radio Nikosia”, the first Spanish radio organized by people who have been diagnosed with mental diseases) and political refugees and migrants seeking asylum in Berlin (O-Platz, Interstitial Identities - ongoing project). I am studying specialized literature (Foucault, Fanon, Goffman among others) carrying out field studies in collaboration with those affected; beginning with interviews and later portraits that develop into immersive multifaceted statements. The stories do not only connect to individual misfortunes but are condensed to a variety of voices with the aim to question our viewing patterns by sharpening our senses for the realization of other perspectives. Equally as cautious as the approach is the choice of materials and techniques with the main focus being on visualizing and crystallizing the stories. Light, glass, plaster are the major elements. Portraits, notes and quotations are put onto glass via screen printing. The individual layers are cast in sculptures and back-lit. Similar to a diary these documents offer a view of the individual narratives that seem fragile as well as fading. I try to enable the stories to speak without judging or taking up a firm position, always focusing on respecting the person.

O Platz Module for installation
LeCittà Invisibili Module for installation Gorka
LeCittà Invisibili
Percorsogalera installation
O Platz Identità Interstiziali installation